VICE-VERSA LISS & CURLS* Hair Oil Capsules

Intensive Bio-Serum Leave-In Treatment
For Curly, Thick, Dry or Frizzy Hair. All Types of Curls. 

PRESTOCURE Hair Oil Capsules
Encapsulated Intensive Leave-In Treatment (Hair & Scalp).
Prescriptive, Concentrated, Potent, Ultra-light, Micronized Bio-Serum, No Water Added, Anhydrous System.

24/7 Total & Complete Protection & Balanced Nutrition,
Instant, Long-Lasting, Extended Release & Action, up to next shampoo,
Instant Absorption, Residue Free, Weightless, Does Not Weigh Hair Down,
Instant Multi-Tasker, Continuous Total Care Action.

Prime & Prep - Seal, Treat, Repair & Strengthen - Balance & Condition - Prevent & Protect - Perfect & Beautify.

1 Full Capsule per Treatment after each shampooing & conditioning
15 Capsules per Blister Pack available in 8 Prescriptive Regimens

  • Rich in Weightless: lipid-bound moisture, essential lipids and oils, phyto antioxidants, hydration, proteino-biopeptides, oligo-proteins, protein-bound moisture, multivitamins, amino-acids, amino-collagen 6*, threonine, olive oil, avocado extract and vitamins A & E.

    Powered with: TruColour Guard*, TruHydrolipidic Guard*, Zero-Snap*, HydraRegulator Guard*, UVA/UVB & Thermo-Protection. Restores natural hair dynamics and fluidity of movement,
  • Instant: Detangler, Easy Glide, Gloss & Shine, Frizz & Static Control, Non Oily, Non Greasy, Non Tacky, Residue Free,
    Cuts Hair Drying Time up to 55%, Longer lasting style retention, Helps optimize heat styling tools and speed-up styling time,

    Helps soothe and relieve symptoms of dry, itchy or irritated scalp,
    Helps prevent swimming pool “green effect” of blonde colour treated hair,
    Portable, Hygienic, Tamper Evident, Unit dose Capsule & Blister Pack,
    Convenient, Each Twist-Off Capsule is Colour-Coded by Regimen

    In the presence of chlorine, oxidized minerals and metals buildups commonly found in swimming pools, whirlpools, spas, and even municipal water, any of the 8 regimens of the PRESTOCURE* Bio-Serums Capsules, help waterproof, protect and seal hair-colour to prevent: the undesirable "greening effect" of blondes, the "yellowing" of greys and highlights, the premature apparent discolouration of the red heads, brunettes and anyone with low-lights, and the premature fading and lackluster of any colour-treated hair.
  • Twist-open or cut stem of one (1) capsule. Rub bio-serum into palms to activate formula. Glide on evenly through washed and towel-dried hair and/or onto clean scalp. Do not rinse. Style. Use after each shampooing and conditioning or after technical services. To add shine or extreme static control, using palms, gently apply one (1) droplet onto dry hair.