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Intensive Multi-Action Deep Penetrating Luxurious DOUBLE-CRÈME MASQUE is enriched with a DOUBLE MEGA-DOSE of 100% VEGAN bio-advanced nourishing systems, essential lipid-bound moisture, vital Proteino-Mimetic Biopeptides, colour protecting rich nutrients, antioxidants, and protective TruGuards* Phyto-Complexes. Instantly leaves hair silky soft, manageable, healthy youthful looking, revealing ultra-long lasting shiny vibrant colour and results.

100% Free Series*, TruColour Care*, TruHydrolipidic Guard* helps repair the natural protections for optimal hydration and defense against the damaging effects of harsh chemicals, UVA/UVB rays, pollution, heat and styling stress. Helps relieve symptoms associated with scalp irritation. TruColour Guard* anti-fading system helps seal, preserve and prolong the pure colour and radiance of colour treated hair. Zero-Snap* complex helps detangle and prevent hair breakage, frizz, static, and split-ends. HydraRegulator Guard* locks in vital moisture and locks out excess humidity. Lightweight formula helps hair look and feel fresher longer. Hair Thermo-Protection.

PROCUREsystem deeply nourishes and helps neutralize and protect against the drying and damaging effects of free radicals, harsh chemicals, UVA/UVB, oxidation, styling stress, and environmental assaults. Its phyto-protective defense barrier helps intercept future aging and damaging signs for long-lasting youthful vitality, luxurious colour radiance, vibrant luminous shine, weightless smoothness, healthy hair dynamics and fluidity of movement.